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It’s important to know what I’m going after and so I always look up the definitions and think about how these concepts apply to what I’m doing.

Contentment is identified as a state of satisfaction, personal fulfillment, personal well-being, equanimity, calm, composure and confidence.  Antonyms for contentment are dissatisfied, agitated, disappointed, vexed, experiencing difficulty.  

Let’s face it, there’s also a kind of meh feeling about contentment.  It’s like contentment has a bad reputation and suddenly there’s an unwritten definition that means settling for less or unmotivated.  What I see is an opportunity to pair actions with an idea.  Less can be more. Less can be enough. What is can be the perfect amount.  Letting go of that constant feeling of need, want, deprivation can’t be a bad idea.

The actions and goals:  Even though I do an annual clean out of stuff in my life, I have managed to try and fill space in my house and life with bits of this and that in my first year with the nest being all mine.  I’m no longer a daughter or wife. While I will always be Mom, people who are 27 and 26 years-old don’t need a daily mommy.  So, it is about finding enough for both my exterior life and my interior life. Contentment.

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