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DIYing the Next Part Of This Life

First Thoughts

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Figuring out where to start is making me nuts, so I’m diving in.  I had planned to be able to do this on a day-to-day basis from January 1 and as you can see I am off to a stellar start because it’s the 16th and I’m finally done being finicky about what the web page looks like and I’m just writing about this.

My goal is to be actively aware of how I’m dealing with my thoughts and actions each day and how they do or don’t bring me to a place of contentment.  On the flip side, I am actively creating a life environment that is enough.  


  1. I have everything I need.  Can I use, reuse, rearrange and/or finally use or discard stuff that I already have?  How do I get past feeling deprived or unrewarded?  I have pushed myself to do stuff in the past with the idea that I will give myself some reward if I do X.  And there are things I want to accomplish this year but they require spending (like giving several spaces a fresh coat of paint).  How am I going to manage that?
  2. Face up to the desire to shop versus the need to shop and/or the desire to maintain my sense of self-confidence and composure versus my persistent desire to see people fit into what I am sure is a better place for them.
  3. Declutter my environment and try to stop overthinking everything. I know I can declutter.  I’m not even suggesting I actually think I can stop overthinking stuff. Right now, it’s a way of life.
  4. Where is my community?


  1.  Show/Demonstrate some gratitude for what I already have.
  2. Channel energy into my passions.  What precisely am I passionate about here in the empty nest.
  3. Is prioritizing important or do I just dig in?

What I’m Thinking

  1.  This is not about just being happy or satisfied.  Happiness comes and goes on the tide. Contentment is the steel pier.
  2. Avoidance is a choice.  Laziness is a choice.  Making up excuses?  That’s a choice, too.
  3. Owning less is better than organizing more.
  4. To just be and let go I need to let go of who I think I should be and who I think I am. Let go of overthinking.  Letting go of stuff feels pretty marvelous.  It feels powerful to see how little I need to live well.  Stripping down to just those things I need, hanging on to only what I can’t do without–this is not about how to survive but how to thrive.
  5. Thoughts are harmless unless you believe them.  It’s not the thoughts that are powerful but our attachment to them that creates change or challenges.  Attaching to a thought is a decision to validate it as a truth.




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