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Them, Us & Me

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There’s a lot of discontent bubbling in the air.  Discontent and finger-pointing and a rising cacophony that frankly is getting on my nerves.  I have actively practiced not saying much about the politics of the day.  Today I will say this much:  No person or group of people choose how I behave, react, or live my life.  Yesterday I was a person who believed in peace, in doing ‘what you can, where you are, every day,’ and treating my fellow beings with love and dignity.  Today, I choose peace, love and caring for the people and critters that cross my path.  I do this consciously.  I do this with the firm conviction that when I look at the sea of humanity, there is not one person who is a Them.  There is just Us. Some of us look different from me, think differently than me.  To be honest, there are some of us I don’t like much at all.  Even so, they are still part of Us.  Warts and all.  The glorious challenge is practicing contentment in the midst of it.  I am content in the knowlede of one thing:  The only person among us who chooses my thoughts, my actions and reactions, my peace and mercy, is not them or us. Just.Me.

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