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22nd Day – Today the football team I cheer for lost.  Miserably.  They fought long and hard all season and played with passion to get to the opportunity to go to the Superbowl and then like 4th of July sparklers they burned bright and just fizzled out.  And what I thought about is if they were afraid of the step beyond the success.

I’ve been procrastinating some of the work with this project because as much as I want to succeed, it’s been a goal that used to be far off.  Now it’s not just a fuzzy shape in the distance anymore. It has form and substance.  And it requires something of me.  At the risk of ticking off people and their various deities, I will tell you that I don’t ascribe to the whole thing about doors and windows closing on their own or by an unseen hand and some other unseen hand opening a different portal.  I take responsibility as my own architect.  If I build a wall, I’m the one who has to add a door or window or knock it down and recreate what I’m building.  Succeeding at practicing contentment requires actions on my part–having enough courage to close the door to some chapters of my life, deciding where to put some windows for illumination, surveying the landscape ahead.  Time to acknowledge the scary truth: whichever door I choose is the right one.

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