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Three minutes until the end of Day 21:   Avoidance is a choice.  Making excuses is a choice.  I have no excuse.  I avoided working on anything around the house today.  I had great intentions going to bed Friday night about rising early and getting a lot done early in the day.  Early this morning I hit the snooze button and spent 3 more hours hugging my pillow.  The only reason I got up was because the boxer/pit was slurping me, the golden retriever was poking at me and the miniature dachshund was threatening to report me to the ASPCA if I didn’t get up and give them food now!  Nobody survives the wrath of a mini wire-haired dachshund, trust me.  So I got up, made excuses until noon and it went down hill from there.

On the up side, I am able to own up to being a slacker, forgive myself and remember that it’s important demonstrate some gratitude.  So–Here’s gratitude for fuzzy socks and warm tea.  Gratitude for getting past a potential impulse purchase.  And gratitude to my rowdy dogs who scared off a neighborhood thief/creeper when he tried to visit my house.  (The sheriffs who arrested him later in the week get some applause, too.)

It all reminds me that gratitude is supposed to be an action not just a warm feeling or a quickly written note.  A demonstration of gratitude requires honest acknowledgement of the goodness others bring to us.  It could be something like, I dunno, spending the afternoon on the floor massaging the cranky dachshund, rubbing foot creme into the paws of the pit/boxer and full-out grooming the retriever.

Day 21: Did not clean out the fridge or a closet.  Did rediscover the joy of a smiling 90 lb. dog sitting on my lap and how much they all love it when I throw the ball, throw the ball, throw the ball.


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