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Whew! Made it February!  As is my usual over-thinking way, I spent some time today pondering what I want to physically tackle in my house this month and wading a little deeper into the pool of Ownership.  I am a big believer in the notion that everything is a choice.  I come from a long line of fatalists and am probably a big disappointment to some great-great granny somewhere.  Well, I’m not about to blame luck or lack of luck, stepping on a crack, breaking a mirror or the Great What/Whoever.  So today I made two choices:

First, I decided to cut myself some slack about the pile of ‘maybe’ clothes I held on to. These are items that need hemmed, mended, or somehow fixed.  I promised myself that if they weren’t fixed by 1.31.17 they would be off to the thrift store.  Well, that didn’t happen.  I have moved the line in the sand to the end of the weekend.  At which time I will either have determined that I have a weak end when it comes to finishing this stuff and it will be hauled off to the ARC Store OR I will have chosen not to be a bum and created some workable wardrobe pieces.

Second, I am going to make up a to-do list for the whole month and then break it out into weekly segments.  I am fully aware that this may mean I will procrastinate 5 out of 7 days and work like mad for 2.  I need to get over that. If you have never tried ToDoist, it’s a great free tool for helping you get tasks done and feel good about it.  (It is also an app that will gently nag you about undone stuff on your list.) More balance and evenly spread out attention to life and stuff, less slackering…slackerocity.  Less slack for the slacker.

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