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37 days into learning about and practicing contentment:  Today I had a brief chat with a friend about liminal beings–what it means when someone is liminal.  The easiest definition is that it’s someone or something able to exist in one or more spheres.  Herons are my favorite example–they are fully at home with one foot in the water and one on land or one foot on the land as they embrace the sky.  I can’t remember a time when I didn’t feel as if I had one foot here and another foot on a completely different foundation.  Some of that comes from knowing that perfect days are a gift–and that every day is a gift if you will allow it to be.

Someone asked me shortly after the US election how I could possibly seek contentment when the world is so topsy turvy.  I have asked myself the same question and I come back to one answer:  I choose to be. It’s that much of a struggle and just that easy.  I have no control over the choices anyone else makes. I cannot force anyone to believe or behave in a way more aligned with my ideas. So, I choose to control me. No matter what is spinning out of control around me, in my space, in this moment, with the situation and people in front of me, I  choose peace and kindness.  I’m not amazing. I’m not Wonder Woman. I can’t fix or force anyone else.  I just have a choice.

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