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So, this is something I believe.  I believe that if you spend your days expecting the mundane and anticipating the same old same old, that is exactly what you will get.  I did an experiment a long while ago.  People talking to me would say ‘nothing ever happens,’ or ‘I’m doing this, going there, and I don’t expect anything to happen.’  I would say to them, ‘Do me this favor.  On this day at X time, where ever you are, look down and tell me what you find at your feet.’  Universally, they found a treasure of some kind–a stone, a note, some bit of magic.  Now, either I’m really magical at making this stuff happen for other people, or I just nudged them to open their eyes and really look around instead of studying their toenails.

I went on a four-hour drive yesterday to visit someone able to stir and calm the winds.  We get wind storms here and I was thinking about the motivation of wind.  (Oh, just work with me here. It’s how my head works.)  I found information on Oreithyia, a Roman goddess of the north wind.  She was a human princess abducted and assaulted by the god of the north wind.  She spent her time upending ships at sea, buffeting the land with her frosty breath and giving birth to kids associated with ice and snow.  Not a happy camper and who could blame her?  I had to wonder who her balance in the world is and came across a little-known saint, Saint Walburga.  She looks out for ships, calms storms on the sea and gentles the wind.  She only has two chapels named for her.  One in Germany and one four hours from my house.  I had to go.

You have to take something to a bunch of women cosseted away in the mountains.  Fresh fruit and veggies, ultra strength hand lotion, and a pot of delicate white flowers.  As I stood in line at the checkout, a woman sharing her cellular conversation with the world firmly said, “That’s the right thing.  That’s very doable.”  Where had I heard that? Oh, yeah, I wrote that yesterday:  Right, good, doable, sensible and off the wall.  Yes, taking goodies to nuns was a good idea.  Friends (who made the trip all the better) added to the bounty and we drove North.

At the abbey, no roofs caved in and nothing blew up when I explained to one of the women there that I had come to commune with St. Walburga because I had been researching a goddess.  One of my friends wandered off beyond all marked barriers and fences and nobody blinked.  We chatted with nuns.  Nuns with calico aprons who tend a herd of cattle, nuns wearing Crocs and Wellies as they go about their chores and prayers.  I had visited their gift shop and made a return trip there to buy a handmade rug.  As I stepped in, an excited nun told her companion, “It’s good and sensible and off the wall!”  I apologized for eavesdropping and asked her if she had just described something as good, sensible and off the wall.  She said, yes, she had been describing her new assignment.  I explained about the woman on the phone, my writing, and now her.  She did a couple of skip-steps, waved her fist at the ceiling, and loudly said, “Synchronicity!  You know it’s God when things are off the wall and aligning anyway!” I watched her heavy black skirts and calico apron sway over her scuffed Nikes as she scurried away.

Right, good, doable, sensible and off the wall.  It wasn’t written in the red dust at my feet but I’m pretty sure it was etched in the sky on the drive home.

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