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Balance and Serendipity

Day 56 – I really like paying my bills.  No. Really.  I don’t make a ton of money.  I haven’t had a raise in pay in 4-5 years and the cost of living in Colorado has gone up about 14%. I probably have a reason to whine and complain but the fact is, every month I am able to pay the bills. I have more than enough left to make my life.  I had the extra expense of a garage door repair and still managed to save around $100.  I am not a financial genius by any means but I do trust in checks and balances–actually serendipity and balance to be specific.

I think that if I act responsibly then the Universe or the Great Whatsis takes note and when I need a hand I get one.  I pay my bills early.  I buy food for the birds and critters in the trees around my house. I pay for boxes of Girl Scout cookies and tell the kids to give them away to seniors and people in uniforms. It’s not rocket science. It’s what I can do. In return when my computer monitor blows out (like it did on Sunday), a friend hands me the monitor she’s been hauling around in the trunk of her car for a year and Monday night I have a whiz bang new monitor.  You may think it’s dumb luck.  Philosophical folks would say that we speak our realities into existence and that what we say happens is what happens. I must admit that I have been on the ‘thoughts become things/words create our realities’ train for a long while now.  I believe in serendipitous events,too.  And I believe in balance.  There is only one part that puzzles me.  It goes like this:  If I try to sell my stuff, nobody buys it. I can help other people sell their stuff and what I tell them to do works–people buy their stuff.  If I spend money, I usually get great bargains. It’s how I’m built–someone out there got long thin legs and I got short legs but great bargaining ability. There’s some balance there.  I think. There is an asterisk:  *If I sell my stuff to use the money for a cause, it all turns out well very quickly.  For example, I bought a set of amazing handmade, artist signed vintage Native American jewelry from a wealthy person for $5.00.  Two weeks later I needed money to take donated books and clothing to the Pine Ridge Reservation.  I sold the jewelry to a collector for enough money to finance the 1000 miles of driving, truck rental and expenses. As I clear my clutter, friends keep advising me to sell the stuff.  They look at me with puzzled faces when I say I can only give it away.  I could sit here and write 50 stories about giving away something and how much joy and serendipity it has brought to my life.  I don’t know how it works.  I just know that it does work. Playing tag with the Mystery.  I like this game.

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Mixed Bag

2.5.17 – Day 35 – Today was a real mixed bag.  I was happy that my son stayed over. Grumpy because he left a mess in the kitchen and then cranky because I wouldn’t be cooking any Super Bowl munchies to share with friends or family while rooting for our team because my team wasn’t playing.  Pfft. It’s football.  I missed cooking party foods and having people shouting at the TV.  Instead I sorted through the pile of fix-’em-or-toss-’em clothes, salvaged two things that I really do want to wear and bagged the rest for the ARC store.

I haven’t written anything about this here but in the efforts to minimize and be happy, I saved $150 last month.  Go me.  Well, sort of.  Last night I was bored and was sucked into a reflex action–I shopped.  I told myself it was all good because I am a champion bargain shopper.  I bought a used copy of Crones Don’t Whine because I can’t think of anyone who needs it more than me.  I bought a decal for the car.  And then in the land of it feels good to buy duplicates, I bought shampoo and conditioner that are designed to make my grey-streaked hair dazzling.  I spent $35 and when I woke up this morning to notices that my packages had shipped, I honestly couldn’t remember all of the items.  It led to some introspection about what I do by rote and what I do because I love it, because it inspires me, because it’s creative.  Then, perhaps to get rid of evidence of duplicates and with some self-flagellation in mind, I shampooed the dogs.  I’m not sure if I’ve described them here but to make sure you can smell the wet dog scent fully, they are a very big golden retriever, a miniature wire-haired dachshund, and a boxer/pit bull mix who is more reluctant to bathe than any 11 year-old boy.

About the time I had finished the last 3 chapters of the novel I was reading, my son came home from work. While his dinner warmed I enlisted him in a 10-minute challenge.  I have about 50 handbags.  It’s ridiculous.  I had him pull them all out and hold them up.  I forced myself to make instant choices and it really wasn’t that difficult.  I haven’t counted but I think there are about 15-18 left. And this is the part where I get to really love the discards.  I’m putting a book, items from my trove of shampoos and hand lotions, and a few things I will purchase (without guilt) like EmergenC, aspirin, granola bars and such.  Each bag gets some and each bag will be left at a bus stop, or shelter or other place where I know a woman will find them.  It’s the kind of creative mischief, the kind of mixed bag, I like.